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Low Level Laser Therapy

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Low Level Laser Therapy

Four decades ago laser biostimulation was created to produce warming effects in human tissue. Over the years additional research has been published supporting the use of laser therapy to speed up the healing of wounds, to decrease pain, and reduce tissue inflammation.

A good example of how low level laser therapy speeds up the healing process can be demonstrated with acute soft tissue damage. The body's reaction to acute soft tissue trauma is to protect the injury with swelling. This swelling prevents movement of the damaged tissue and results in two types of pain. The first type is trauma pain from the injured tissue, while secondary pain comes from the swelling itself.

Low-level laser therapy targets the lymphatic system (fluid drainage system). With laser therapy, swelling is reduced, allowing movement to return to the treated area.

WE have helped many with our laser therapy and it might be able to help you too. Please call us to learn more about low level laser therapy in Bend.