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At first a week after complete knee replacement, therapy was very painful but as weeks went on pain was less and motion increased, swelling went away. Exercise and massage has made it possible for me to go fishing, do my garden (which I did not expect to do this summer but 3 months later garden is planted and growing nicely.) I can now walk approx. 1 mile without pain. I’m doing everything even mowing my lawn! Ready to go back to work and enjoy the summer. Thank Dr. Z and team.

-Ilena 6/21/16

Outstanding care and follow up by Dr. Zamboni. Thanks for sending me to Living Well Therapy. Casual, friendly, very competent care, very focused on individual needs, and great results for me.

-Kenneth 7/27/16

My experience was a very positive one. I felt better and more agile after the first visit. I really enjoyed the heat pads combined with the vibrating pads. I also liked the back adjustments. I have never experienced that attention before. Thank You.

-Amy 11/29/16

My experience was great! Educational and enjoyable. Friendly and caring staff who really care about the being of the patients and focused on health and prevention of further injuries rather than just the treatment of current injuries. Great experience overall and would recommend to others.

-Russ 12/14/16

My experience was professional, personal and excellent communications. I went from a very painful shoulder with immobile arm to 99% return in 6 weeks. Living Well Therapy off set the concern for MRI and surgery. Excellent work. Thank You.


My experience was right on and professional resulting in very good results and more mobility. Dr. Z was always attentive and understanding of my needs to improve. The staff was efficient, courteous, and professional. I will return.

-Judy 4/6/17

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At Living Well Physical Therapy, L.L.C. our clinicians are experts in treating a wide variety of disorders and injuries. We are dedicated to patient recovery and to the prevention of future impairment. We perform comprehensive evaluations, encourage patient input for goal setting, emphasize patient instruction regarding injury, and are glad to address individual questions and concerns. We provide the best possible patient outcomes in a time efficient and cost effective manner. You can expect the highest degree of professional service from our team while still maintaining a warm and friendly environment. We realize that as a consumer you have a choice as to where you receive your care and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your recovery.

Cheers to you getting well again,

Dr. Erik Zamboni, DPT, CSCS, CEAS