Shannon Daily

“Living Well Therapy is a great, friendly PT office with an amazing staff! Dr. Z and Dr. Dan and their crew have helped me with the back pain I’ve been having for the past year. Thanks for all of your help!”

Pamela Freras

“Knowledgable and listens well! They have helped ease my pain from an 8-10 to a 2! And, I have seen more progress in the last month than I have seen in the last year I have been to other therapists.”

Sean Rule

“Thank you to the team of Bethany, Drs. Laura and Zamboni, for making me feel at home and offering such wonderful care. Looking so forward to our time and feeling like me again!”

Carly Hibbs

“I absolutely love the care I get every time I come to Living Well Therapy. Being involved in rodeo means lots of unpredictable situations and accidents that tend to accumulate and wreak havoc on the body...”

John Del Signore

"I had almost complete paralysis of my right arm, with no dexterity at all for months and months... I finally arrived at Living Well Therapy and started working with them... and now I can play instruments, which I couldn't do after surgery.... I couldn't do anything. I could barely dress myself! The improvement has been REMARKABLE!"

Megan Figgins

Fantastic team! After a motor vehicle accident almost 6 months ago and I have been struggling with debilitating lower back pain. I have been seeing dr “Z” for three weeks now and have a significant reduction in my pain and increased mobility. I am very impressed by how Dr “ Z” and his staff are knowledgeable and caring. By far the best physical therapy experience!


“Outstanding care and follow up by Dr. Zamboni. Thanks for sending me to Living Well Therapy. Casual, friendly, very competent care, very focused on individual needs, and great results for me.”

Kenneth, 7/27/16

“My experience was great! Educational and enjoyable. Friendly and caring staff who really care about the being of the patients and focused on health and prevention of further injuries rather than just the treatment of current injuries. Great experience overall and would recommend to others.”

Russ, 12/14/16

“My experience was right on and professional resulting in very good results and more mobility. Dr. Z was always attentive and understanding of my needs to improve. The staff was efficient, courteous, and professional. I will return.”

Judy, 4/6/17


"My experience was very positive and friendly. The enthusiasm for my recovery displayed by the staff inspired me and gave me confidence."

Jesse B.

"My experience was very positive, my results have been great and I have made significant progress that I do not feel would have happened as quickly without the help of Dr. Z, Dr. Laura and the team."

Ross E.

"My experience was awesome. I loved the staff, everyone was friendly and the treatment was great. Thank you for the adjustment Dr. Z. I will definitely refer any and all of my friends over to see you. It was a miracle experience."

Alice S.

"My experience was superb! I enjoyed my visits even though I was in pain because besides being medically professional, they were always upbeat, full of good humor and personable."

Chandra S.

"My experience was outstanding! The staff is so inviting and easy to talk to. They make you feel very welcome and comfortable. Dr. Z took extra time to explain everything that he was doing, which is an overview of what I’m learning in school right now, so that I can apply my knowledge to the therapy and understand why. I would not hesitate to refer a friend to Living Well Therapy."

Robin B.

"My experience was Challenging, Amazing, Overwhelming, Excellent, Difficult and Blessed."

Jen J.

"My experience was great. When I first stepped in the door the first day I knew this was the place that was going to get me back to 100%. The staff here at Living Well did and excellent job of taking care of me and making sure I was pain free and happy. Thanks again to everyone at Living Well Therapy."

Cody C.

"I have a great appreciation for Dr. Zamboni. With past injuries to my right ankle (3rd degree tear) and meniscus injury to my right knee he strongly encouraged me to lose weight to get in better balance. After 3 months of a better diet, weight training and aerobic exercise I have dropped 15 of the 32lbs suggested. My knee and ankle pain are almost nonexistent and I look and feel much healthier!"

Dave B., 12/29/11

Take Shape For Life: "Has been excellent. I was well supported and every question has been answered. I would subject anyone interested in weight loss should try this program."

Diane T.

Metabolic RX: "On July 21, 2010, I saw Dr. Erik Zamboni for pain from Arthritis! I was overweight at 205 pounds. Dr. Erik and his staff set me up with a weight loss program through Metabolic RX. This program taught me how to eat and as important, what to eat. The food exchange program, along with input from Dr. Erik and Staff has set me up to lose weight from the first week. The metabolic RX program is easy for me to follow. I feel good and have more energy to do the things that I could not do at 205 pounds. Any questions I have are answered by Dr. Erik and his staff. I am well supported and my arthritis pain is nearly gone with Dr. Erik's help. As of September 29, 2010, I have lost 17 pounds. I will continue to follow the Metabolic RX as this is easily a program for life."

Patsy H.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program: "Extremely positive, I came in with a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes and on medications for GI issues and high Cholesterol. I am now completely off all of the meds and my blood sugar levels are within normal range. I have lost weight on the Medically Supervised Weight Loss program and I am well on my way to my goal weight. In addition, my knee and back pain is gone and I am able to be more physically active which is helping with my weight loss goal."

Misa O.


"Wendy Stewart is an excellent and knowledgeable massage therapist. Her years of experience are evident in her approach to her client. As a massage therapist myself for over 25 years, I am not an easy client. Wendy knew exactly how to work with my overstrained and very sore body. I highly recommend her. I will be scheduling a massage with her every time I am in Bend. Another reason for Bend to be a destination location!! Thank you, Wendy!"


"Hi Roberta,

Just wanted to tell you that at the Relay for Life in Bend you gave me the best neck/back massage.

If I didn't live in Corvallis I would be in to see you now and then.

Thanks so much."

Marna R.


Neck Pain: "Today's experience was awesome. I'm so glad that I have come to give it a try after visiting therapy for almost 6 months. I kind of lost a lot of hope and was wondering whether I will feel better. But, today, you gave me hope after rotating my neck - it was like magic.

You're awesome and friendly too. Too humble for a doctor like you. Keep up the good work, because you are a miracle that happened to me.

The massage therapy was great too! Great experience overall! I can't stop coming back here!"

Hazel from Hazel Bend, OR, 6/4/15

"I am so impressed with everyone at Living Well Therapy. From the moment you walk through the door you're greeted with a smile and genuine care. The massage therapist and doctors are the same fun, kind and genuine care for your recovery. I wouldn't change a single thing about LWT. My daughter and I love it here and we will be very sad when we have to go."

Nicole, 4/7/15

"My experience was excellent - fun, helpful and thorough. Initially I was stressed about my injury, because the healing time from re-injuring my neck has typically been frustratingly long. I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly things have improved. Supper effective treatment! Everyone is friendly, fun and I can tell they all really care about my health and healing. They took the time to get to know my injury and history, as well as my attitude toward treatment which I really appreciate. BIG thank you for working with me to keep things within my budget also. Lastly, laughter is good medicine!"

Bridget W.

Neck Strain: "My experience was very good as before. They solved the problem in a timely manner. Thank you."

Rob Kirkpatrick, 3/4/13

Neck Pain: "The best therapy possible. The staff helped me get back on my feet and doing what needs to be done. I have to thank you for helping me get back to my life!"

John E., 7/4/12

Neck Pain: "The staff took very good care of me. The visits are always fun. I don't feel that my body is stiff all the time. I'm glad I found Living Well Therapy."

Gloria P., 6/29/12

"I feel today 90% better that I have felt in months since my accident. I was not sleeping well and fearful to drive. Between Breeana's deep tissue massage and Dr. Z's treatment and exercises, I'm doing so much better!"

Dawn V., 2/7/12

"Very interactive and helpful. Dr. Z was very interested in my health and recovery and his staff were equally dedicated to my needs. Thanks so much!"

Rich P., 2/6/12

Neck: "Really good! Dr. Zamboni and Dr. Christ were both very professional and knowledgeable. They strived to get my condition improved as quickly as possible. They were very empathetic and treated me and my symptoms with respect. That is a very desirable doctor characteristic. Thank you!"

Brenda S., 12/12/11

Neck and Back: "Great. I came to Living Well Therapy after I was in a car accident. They were able to get me back to 100% within a few weeks. The treatment and staff were awesome I would highly recommend them."

Bart B.

Cervical Radiculopathy; Cervical Foraminotomy: "Always a pleasure having Dr. Zamboni put the pieces back to where they work properly."

John B.

Neck Pain; Shoulder Injury: "My experience with care and treatment at Living Well Therapy was awesome! Dr. Zamboni was very thorough and accurate with my diagnosis. My entire experience with Living Well Therapy receives a five star rating. I would highly recommend this P.T. physical therapists office to anyone who needs this care."

Melissa S.


"Amazing, they treated us with care. I wouldn't change a thing. I loved how I could play and joke with the doctors and they never took offense to any of it. I could just be myself around everyone here."

Cassie 4/7/15

Lower Back Pain: "My experience was great. Very friendly staff and very informative. Always willing to work with me to fit my time frame. Thank you all very much."

Matt McNeil, 3/13

  1. Beneficial!
  2. Pleasant.
  3. Comprehensive.
  4. Timely, never had to "wait my turn".
  5. Friendly staff.
  6. Accommodating to my schedule.
  7. Nice to work with different therapists.
  8. Personal.
  9. Small enough to be "family".
  10. Caring.
  11. Thorough, when I felt I needed a massage one was offered to me.
  12. Effective. A routine was put together for my home use.

"But most importantly I'm much improved! My general physical condition and outlook towards life has been enhanced with the encouragement with this group!"

Ruth, RN 30+ years, 3/19/12

"Fantastic! Thank you so much for your patience with my core weakness. The gradual, subtle exercises made a huge difference in my strength, health and wellbeing. Deeply greatfull!!"

Tamara J., 8/18/11

Acute Lumbar Strain: "Very good, both in healing and strengthening the injury. Everyone was helpful and upbeat, focusing on healing as well as living a healthy life. The generosity of services offered, despite my financial situation are greatly appreciated. I will continue to use what I have learned.

I want to thank Dr. Kristen at St. Charles Immediate care clinic for referring me here and following up with my treatment. Thank you."

Judith G., 12/6/11

Back Pain: "I had pain when I first came in but now have no pain at all. I have had great results. Dr. Zamboni's staff was great, helpful and pleasant."

Betty L., 12/1/11

Back Pain: "Eric is helping a lot with my movement. This is a very professional and courteous office. I would definitely recommend friends to this clinic. Feeling a lot better within twenty four hours."

Ronald H.

Back Pain: “My experience was a very positive one. I felt better and more agile after the first visit. I really enjoyed the heat pads combined with the vibrating pads. I also liked the back adjustments. I have never experienced that attention before. Thank You.”

Amy, 11/29/16


  • Very favorable.
  • Professionally organized and staffed.
  • On point with diagnosis and exercise prescription.
  • Punctual with appointments.
  • Communicate well.
  • Friendly but firm.
  • Anticipates required therapy.
  • Recommend highly.

Jeff P.

Back Pain: "Great. I came to Living Well Therapy after I was in a car accident. They were able to get me back to 100% within a few weeks. The treatment and staff were awesome I would highly recommend them."

Bart B.

Back Pain: "Overall I had a very pleasant experience, even though some days they sent me home after treatments 'CURSING' their name for how tender and sore I was. Dr. Zamboni has helped me out greatly in three weeks. I am at a point in recovery where I can go out with squinting in pain, something that in ten months my body couldn’t do on its own. I would recommend Living Well Therapy to anyone facing and injury or discomfort where therapy could help! They take each persons case personally and make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in. Thank you!"

Daniel S.

Back Pain: "Our experience here at Living Well Therapy was due to a back problem my 14 year old daughter was having. In our first visit the staff was personable, quick and thorough. Dr. Zamboni seemed to pin point the problem very quickly and began treatment that alleviated much of my daughter’s pain. The laser and ultrasound treatment was very effective in the healing of her back. She has recovered by 100%. If any of my children are injured I would return to Living Well Therapy for sure."

Christinen A.

Back Rib: "I came in with a back problem with a rib causing horrible pain. Dr. Zamboni got me in right away and ...I am now back to working out on my bow flex and riding my exercise bike on a regular basis. I can even do a back handspring again, of course, being spotted by Dr. Zamboni, if I mess myself up again, I know where to come."

Mark A.

Lumbar Strain: "Dr Zamboni first of all worked me into his very busy schedule. The first treatment, he was able to pinpoint where and what my problem was. The treatments and exercises at home and office have cured the shooting pain in hips while walking. We are off to Greece and now I'll be able to walk and enjoy the tours. I'd certainly recommend Dr Zamboni to anyone who needs physical therapy."

Ruth B.

Low Back Injury: "Dr. Zamboni is realistic, honest and does what is best for the patient. Dr. Zamboni also thinks outside the box when it comes to treatment options. Dr. Zamboni will actually work with your doctors on an on going basis."

Elizabeth L.

Right Sciatica Low Back Pain: "I was a bit hesitant when I was told I should also go for physical therapy after having had two injections in my back. ...My primary care physician..suggested I might go see Dr. Zamboni. I am so glad I did!

I have never been to a physical therapist who held a Doctorate Degree. The added education he has acquired makes a big difference in the way he approaches your treatment plan. The treatments he suggested and carried out for me have proven to be extremely worthwhile in relieving pain.

I realize not all problems of the spine can be helped--but before one gives up, please let Dr. Zamboni try to help. I would be very remiss if I did not refer someone to him for help.

Not only does he excel in what he does--he also possesses a wonderful sense of humor!!"

Ann F.

Back Pain: "Dr. Zamboni did a fantastic job on both of us. Our back pain is all gone. Great Job. Hope we don't have to come back for a while. Dr. Zamboni is a great P.T. physical therapist."

David and Nancy S.

Sacroiliac Joint; Low Back Pain: "My experience was exceptional!

Good thorough evaluation at beginning of treatment--regular exercise and plan for getting rid of hip pain so I could return to normal and fun activities."

Martha H.

Sciatica: "Very positive. When I first came in my left leg was quite sore with tingling down to the bottom of my foot. With the exercises I was giving, I've lessened the pain and no longer have the tingling."

Judith G., 6/8/11


"Dr. Zamboni, Dr. Christ and the entire staff at LWT are fantastic. They got me functioning again! It was actually a fun experience."

Kevin T., 3/9/12

Shoulder Pain: “My experience was professional, personal and excellent communications. I went from a very painful shoulder with immobile arm to 99% return in 6 weeks. Living Well Therapy off set the concern for MRI and surgery. Excellent work. Thank You.”


Rotator Cuff: "...I have had 3 previous major surgeries involving joints..., this is my first experience with physical therapy. I was referred to Dr. Zamboni...following surgery on my left shoulder, (rotator cuff repairs and tendon attachment). ...My shoulder... (10 weeks after surgery) is nearly back to original range of motion and strength. ...The first stage of regaining range of motion...hurt but Dr. Zamboni encouraged me to keep trying and was able to manipulate the joints to provide relief if a pain was persistent, he has a caring attitude and is very understanding. I recommend him highly."

Robert E.

Rotator Cuff Strain; Cervical Strain: "Exceptional care, which is based on an individualized treatment plan, conscientious integration of day-to-day activities and dedicated staff."

Danielle B.

Rotator Cuff: "After rotator cuff surgery in May, I was prescribed physical therapy. ...I have found working with Dr. Zamboni beneficial to my recovery. He is a thorough professional with high ethical standards. I appreciate his progression of therapy. At no time did I feel he was pushing me beyond my ability at the time. However, with goals firmly in place, he helps the patient move towards those goals at a progressive pace. It is apparent that he has the very best interest of the patient at heart.

Without reservation, I would recommend Dr. Zamboni at Living Well Physical Therapy."

Janis M.

Frozen Shoulder, Adhesive Capsulitis: "Caring, thoughtful staff! Dr. Zamboni has a great sense of humor and patience. He worked with my level of willingness to do exercises and provided excellent care and thoroughly explained my diagnosis and treatment."

Kathy O.

Shoulder Surgery; Torn Bicep; Dislocated Bicep Tendon; Partial Tear, Rotator Cuff: "...I was dealing with very limited range of motion, a lot of pain, sleeplessness, and the emotional challenges that this type of injury is associated with. ...Dr Zamboni took me through the stages of my healing process with the utmost professional care. He has a wide range of therapeutic modalities to offer patients and is very good at creating the right combination to assist and move his patients towards her goal of increased range of motion, strength and function. Additionally, he and his staff are very compassionate people which is a big piece of the healing process.

I am very grateful to both of you in helping me heal from my injury and surgery. Sincere thanks."

Suzi L.


My Mano: "My nombre is Yoni S. y my visita a Living Well Therapy fue muy bien. Me trataron bien y ahora me siento bien. Lo recomendo a ustedes gracias."

Yoni S., 12/1/11

Elbow and Low Back: "Outstanding! The best part, besides feeling better, was the can-do attitude in the office. Everyone was positive and supportive. I was this not only in my treatment but in the treatment of each patient I saw there. The treatment of Dr. Z and Dr. Christ was challenging but not too much. They took my injury from 10 to 0 pain. The support from Sheree and Bree was amazing too! Thank you so much for your care!"

Troy P., 11/15/11

Tennis Elbow; Lower Back Pain: "I was referred to Dr. Zamboni by Dr. Lee for my tennis elbow, following cortisone injections by Dr. Lee. ...Dr. Zamboni gave me a series of exercises to keep strengthening the tendon and the muscles of my left elbow and forearm.

I am quite pleased with the treatments given by Dr. Zamboni. He has excellent 'bedside' manner and is quite willing to demonstrate what my problems were with graphics, models and discussion.

It is one of those things that you don't want to repeat, however, should I need further physical therapy treatments, Dr. Zamboni will be requested."

Logan B.


Hip Pinched Nerve: "These therapists work miracles. Thank you for all of your help. Life is better with their help."

Patricia Driscoll, 3/13

Left Hip & Knee Pain: "My personal doctor told me my pain was not from my back. Another Doctor took an MRI and told me I did not have a ruptured disk and that it was arthritis pain. He informed me that Physical Therapy would not help me and no other advice other than steroids. After talking with Dr. Erik and his evaluation I started therapy at Living Well Therapy and after 4 weeks of sessions and a additional weeks following a exercise program I am 90 percent pain free. I've got a little way to go, but I can now walk without intense pain and fear of falling."

Patsy H.


Dr. Z and the Team at Living Well Physical Therapy:

I just got back to my desk after telling one of my colleagues about how wonderful you are. In the last week, I have mentioned your praises to four other friends and neighbors. I cannot tell you what a gift you have been to me.

After moving here, being diagnosed for THIRTY YEARS as having one leg shorter than the other, not being able to touch my toes, and wearing a lift for 20 years... you correctly diagnosed me as having a twisted pelvis. After YEARS of having neck and shoulder pain and going to chiropractors, massage therapists and other physical therapists, my neck and shoulder pain are almost gone! For the first time in 3 decades, I can touch my toes! My husband has noticed that I walk differently and I stand up straight.

I came to you in February with excruciating pain, unable to roll over in bed, stand, sit or walk. Today, I am ready to walk out of your office and shout to the world that I am healed! I have worked hard on my exercises and worn my belt without fail and it has worked.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. My husband mentioned maybe the reason we moved to Bend was so that I could be healed. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.

Rebecca W.


Paralyzed Quadriceps: "Dr Wigle referred me to Dr. Zamboni. I was experiencing results of a crushed femoral nerve in my right pelvis resulting from previous pelvic surgery. The result was a partial paralysis of my thigh and interior calf muscles and a stiff and very tender knee joint.

I was impressed with Dr. Zamboni's approach to the problem. He interviewed me and took several measurements. Then, using carts and illustrations, explained to me in detail the nature of the problem and the possible steps he would take to aid the recovery. ...His regime would strengthen the presently functioning muscles and provide some tone to the non-functioning muscles.

His procedure for reactivating the flaccid muscles was the use of a device that provided electrical stimulation that substituted for the natural nerve impulses. During this procedure he had me do a series of exercises that measurably increased the use of my leg and gave me confidence to walk unaided. Initially, it was necessary to tape my patella to overcome an imbalance in the muscle strength in my leg. He was very careful to provide material that did not irritate the skin.

Through all of the procedures he showed great concern for my welfare and comfort. He continually encouraged me whenever progress was evident during the treatment.

I am convinced that during the entire treatment period I was in the care of a truly professional medical practitioner. ..All four of the medical doctors involved in the case were very impressed at the progress that I had made toward full recovery.

I can say in conclusion that my entire experience with Dr. Zamboni and his office staff was at the highest professional level. I unreservedly commend his treatment to anyone in need of services of a physical therapist."

Charles P.

Leg and Back Pain: "I just want to thank Dr. Zamboni for being the best physical therapist I've ever been to. You really listened when I explained my pain and helped to relieve that pain through different stretches and exercises. Now when I have back or leg pain, I know what I need to do to get relief. The only bad thing is that I don't get to see your smiling face anymore!"

Kathy V.


Patella Tendonitis: "Excellent treatment and information was provided for my specific condition. Dr. Zamboni is full of excellent information, was very understanding of my individual scenario and flexible to work out the best plan found. I would recommend Dr. Zamboni to anyone that is looking for Physical Therapy in Central Oregon."

Tia T., 3/19/12

Patella Tendonitis: "Incredibly positive. The care I received was prompt, thoughtful and I was provided with excellent visuals as to what my condition entailed. Only time will tell but I believe the exercises I was given should prevent future injury. Also, courteous service at the front desk and during therapy mad for all around solid Physical Therapy experience."

Konrad D., 5/30/12

Medial and lateral meniscus: After waiting 6 weeks following a cross country ski knee injury, which was still swollen, I went to Dr. Zamboni. His staff was helpful and courteous and Dr. Z was very professional plus right on in diagnosing the problem. He helped strengthen the quads and reduced the swelling in prep for arthroscopic surgery involving tears of the medial and lateral meniscus plus other issues. The pre-surgery treatment improved my recovery time. After surgery, we immediately began building strength and mobility. I felt that Dr. Z truly cared about my recovery and reaching my personal goal of walking 18 holes by five weeks post op. And we did it! He was excellent at explaining how and why he utilized various treatment programs and patiently answered any questions. Thank you for your professionalism, your humor, your caring and your expertise in rehabilitating my knee. My goal would not have been achieved as quickly without your help."

Jan S.

Knee Pain: "Very excellent. I hurt my knees very badly and Dr. Zamboni cured them. He is a marvelous doctor. If I hurt my body again, I'll well get Dr. Zamboni to treat me again."

Barbara E.

Knee Pain: "Awesome! Truly the best experience I've had. Erik and Ronda were great. I had my right knee operated on August 4th 2010 and in 4 weeks worth of treatment, this team had me running. Absolutely the best."

Joe C.

Knee Pain: "Really Great! Doc Z was very professional and he really cares about his patients. I had a speedy recovery @ minimal cost and I actually enjoyed my appointments. Thank you!"

Caitlin V.

Post Knee Surgery: "I came here to Living Well Therapy 4 four weeks after knee surgery because I could not walk correctly and my knee was puffy and swollen. I started doing exercises both here and at home and have made progress in range of motion and walking normally. I feel like I will be able to continue making progress and appreciate Dr. Zamboni's patience when I was frustrated. Thank you!"

Lynn E.

Right Knee Strain; Cervical Strain: "My experience with Dr. Zamboni has been great. He has a professional yet entertaining attitude and mannerism. He pushed me to do what was needed yet made sure I was not injuring myself. I feel this was a great thing to do for injury recovery."

Carol C.

  1. Staff is welcoming, friendly and efficient.
  2. I am confident in Erik's diagnosis and ability to get me back to normal.
  3. Erik takes time to listen the explains what is wrong, projecting how long it will be till recovery.
  4. Gives exercises that are not difficult but very effective.

Millie C., 8/2/11

Ankle: "I'm at a loss for words...I can't imagine how you can make my visit any better! You are all great. Thank you!"

Linda S., 12/5/11

Ankle Sprain, Lower Back and Neck : "In a series of only about 6 visits I felt that all my injuries were addressed and that maximal healing occurred. Dr. Zamboni is highly knowledgeable and spends considerable effort in diagnosing, and therefore the treatment is effective. The staff and office experience in general was calming, friendly and efficient."

Diane H., 4/5/11

Foot Tendonitis: "I'm an aging athlete that found myself faced with increasingly severe tendonitis in my feet. To a runner, this was tantamount to a disaster affecting my physical and mental health. I sought treatment from Dr. Zamboni who combined treatment with a stretching program. He was instrumental in getting me back on my feet (pun intended, but accurate) as well as counseling me through the process when I was quite discouraged with my ailment.

I have been very impressed with Dr. Zamboni's desire to use the latest knowledge and techniques."

Wyatt N.


SI Dysfunction: "My first appointment was 6/6/11. My first appointment was 6/6/11. I could barely walk and was in intense pain. I had muscle spasms with almost every step. I was relieved to find out that the SI joint was the source of pain. After mobilizing the SI joint, it finally moved back into place on 7/8/11 with instant relief."

Linda B., Family Nurse Practitioner, 8/22/11

"I have had many patients who have seen other therapists before who feel Dr. Zamboni is the best therapist by far."

Rod Wigle, MD

"This is a letter recommending Living Well Therapy. Although there are many physical therapists in our local area, unlike chiropractors or attorneys - there is a need for physical therapists of high quality. Living Well Therapy represents the highest achievement of physical therapy and need to be recognized as such and be allowed to be utilized by those of us in primary care in Central Oregon.

Erik Zamboni has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. As you may be aware, about 2 percent of all physical therapists attain the doctorate degree in physical therapy. This training and additional accomplishment obviously brings much more to the table regarding patient care, experience, and modalities available to those of us in primary care. It is essential that this service be available as an option in the Central Oregon area.

I can name multiple cases as a primary care physician who refers to Living Well Therapy where I have referred patients to them who were unsuccessfully treated by other physical therapists. In every case these patients have seen relief and have sometimes had total resolution of their symptoms. I believe these results are due to the educational background, experience, and a quality that is difficult to measure - their empathy and ability to work with patients and communicate effectively.

If there are any questions I can answer regarding Living Well Therapy and the need for their services in Central Oregon and my own experience with them, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Daniel M. Skotte, Sr., DO