Denise Delcolle

I have had the extreme pleasure of going to LivingWell physical therapy for the past three weeks. During my healing journey of the past seven years I have seen six physical therapist, seven doctors and been on numerous pharmaceuticals including injectable medicine with virtually no relief for my complicated and chronic neck pain.

From the very first day I entered the care of living well physical therapy and met an extremely knowledgeable and professional front office receptionist named Nick, and then met Dr. Eric Z, I felt a sense of relief that I had finally found someplace and someone that was willing to listen to me and had enough expertise, experience and sensitivity with a lot of tools to work with; a fantastic masseuse named Tabatha and a very diverse amount of techniques and treatments. I felt such hope and encouragement.
The office is run efficiently and during the recent snow and road conditions, the doctor took care of getting transportation via Uber so I could make my appointment as I was very reluctant to drive myself. I have been in the healthcare business for 45 years and know what good customer service is and the value of having a professional team that exudes sensitivity and concern and a true desire to be of service to others.

I would highly recommend anybody with any physical issues To experience such a wonderful facility.

Denise Del Colle, RN

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