Auto accidents differ in severity. Resulting injuries, if left untreated, may lead to permanent injuries. While some untreated injuries could get better on their own, it is best to check in with a Doctor of Physical Therapy no matter how minor you think you injury is. Minor injuries now can turn into major problems in the future. Physical therapy after an auto accident is very important to limit your risk to a more serious or permanent injury. Therefore, you are best seeing a Doctor of Physical Therapy right after the accident or as soon as possible once released by the urgent care or emergency room or it is known that no broken bones or life threatening injuries have occurred.
Rehabilitation After Surgery or Bracing

In severe cases where surgery, bracing or casting is required, we can help you fully rehabilitate to your optimum level of performance. The objective is to work closely with your doctor to improve your joint range of motion, strength and create stability again around the joint. This is done safely and according to your physician’s protocol. We have helped thousands of auto accident victims return to playing, running, cycling, throwing and more, quickly and pain-free.

At Living Well Therapy, our physical therapists will evaluate your injury tailoring the treatment plan to your specific sport, style of play, and position. Our attention to detail when it comes to athletes of all ages has powerful results! Call us for more details on our physical therapy and auto injury rehabilitation programs.

Auto Injury & Whiplash Treatment

The most common injury from an auto accident (over 1,000,000 cases per year) is “whiplash” injury.  Since there is no visible injury and the initial pain is not severe, people do not often seek professional help.  This is a big mistake.

Why Physical Therapy for Auto Injury Treatment?

Initial medical treatment for the typical auto injury usually consists of painkillers and a neck brace.  This approach does little to repair the underlying injury.  Physical therapy is the primary method for repair and strengthening of damaged tissue and for avoiding excessive scar growth.   Regardless of the severity of the injury, you will benefit from a physical therapy program.

When Do I Start Treatment for an Auto Accident Injury?

It is highly recommended to begin physical therapy within one week following an auto accident.  Treatment will be initiated to control pain and diminish swelling.  Small movements are introduced to begin your tissue’s repair process.

You can begin physical therapy anytime.  If pain or dysfunction remains, physical therapy can help.  Most connective tissue injuries are quite slow to heal.  There is no question that physical therapy is beneficial in helping you return to full function.

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